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What is ArbiTrade Bot?

ArbiTrade Bot makes it possible for small investors to participate in arbitrage trading and earn more profits than they would be able to make if they tried it in on their own.

How does ArbiTrade Bot Work?

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it’s quite common for different providers to offer a currency (e.g. Bitcoin) at different prices. While Exchange A might sell one bitcoin for $7,700, Exchange B could sell it for $8,000.

ArbiTtrade Bot built a unique infrastructure which is reducing latencies to execute arbitrage trades as fast as possible. Furthermore, the ArbiTtrade Bot Team developed specialized algorithms, which are monitoring the market to find the most profitable trades.

What kind of experience do i need to be able to benefit from ArbiTrade Bot?

None. ArbiTrade Bot is designed to earn you instant profits without any experience in cryptocurrency or finance. All you need to do is register and add money to your account. The rest is done by ArbiTrade Bot.

How much time per day do i need to invest to earn money with ArbiTrade Bot?

ArbiTrade Bot handles all operational tasks automatically on your behalf. As such, users require an average of just 10–15 minutes per day to view new trades and, where necessary, to invest additional capital.

What returns can i expect with ArbiTrade Bot?

Monthly returns depend on cryptocurrency volatility and thus can not be accurately predicted. The current average return is 0.80% per day.